It’s Finally Here! Coffee Subscriptions!

We are happy to finally announce that we are offering coffee subscriptions! For now we are starting with one offering: To The Moon – Moonfuel subscription. Have Dogebeans shipped to your door once a month!

How Does It Work?

When you sign up for a subscription in our shop and make a payment, you will get the option to create an account. If chosen to pay with USD, payments will reoccur automatically each month on the same day as the first payment (If purchased on the 15th, reoccurring purchases will happen on the 15th)

If the payment is in cryptocurrency, automatic payments will not occur and the payment must be made manually at the start of each billing cycle. You will get an email prompt letting you know to make a payment in crypto.

We are so excited to finally offer coffee subscriptions that you can pay for in cryptocurrency! We are proud to roast coffee for the Doge and crypto community at large. We believe in the future of blockchain tech to revolutionize the world and we believe

The Future is Caffeinated

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