Introducing The (fake) CEO of Dogecoin, and He Brings Coffee We’re happy to announce a new Brazil, Yellow Bourbon, Natural processed coffee in honor of our (fake) CEO, greg . This medium roasted coffee is incredibly versatile, with notes of rich chocolate and creamy peanut butter. We personally love making it as a french press, and as a base for espresso drinks! There’s a little something everyone can enjoy in this coffee, and just like the CEO, greg himself, it’s guaranteed to brighten your day! Each bag comes with a sticker of our greg art! The CEO is listed at 21.99 for a 12 oz bag, includes free shipping domestically to the US and of course, you can pay for it in Dogecoin! Head over to our shop where you can purchase this coffee along with our other offerings!

It’s Finally Here! Coffee Subscriptions! We are happy to finally announce that we are offering coffee subscriptions! For now we are starting with one offering: To The Moon – Moonfuel subscription. Have Dogebeans shipped to your door once a month! How Does It Work? When you sign up for a subscription in our shop and make a payment, you will get the option to create an account. If chosen to pay with USD, payments will reoccur automatically each month on the same day as the first payment (If purchased on the 15th, reoccurring purchases will happen on the 15th) If the payment is in cryptocurrency, automatic payments will not occur and the payment must be made manually at the start of each billing cycle. You will get an email prompt letting you know to make a payment in crypto. We are so excited to finally offer coffee subscriptions that you…

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We’re happy to announce that we can finally accept Dogecoin as payment for Dogebeans Coffee! We’ve been working on this since the start of Dogebeans, and we’ve heard all around the Doge Community that they are enthusiastic about paying in Dogecoin. Just head to and it is available as an option for checkout. Thank you for supporting Dogebeans. We believe blockchain technology is the future, and we believe that the future is caffeinated!

Doge Community! We love you! Since launching on 4/30, we’ve seen coffee orders placed from around the US, and our site is getting some major attention. Here are some highlights: Featured twice on Twitter Spaces calls with over 6,000 in attendance Growing our social media presence with a 400% increase in website traffic Shipped coffee around the United States We’ve run into only one hiccup, that is we are still waiting on BitPay to process our ability to accept Dogecoin. Once that happens, we believe the gates are going to bust wide open. We’ve made many connections with several of you and we look forward to serving the DogeArmy great coffee!

We’re auctioning off our first of many NFT’s on Rarible! This one will likely be the most sought after, as it’s the first edition of our mascot, Doji. This NFT will come with a free 12oz. bag of Dogebeans delivered to your door once every month for a year! Heres the link: What is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Check out this helpful video on NFTs

Check out a video from our founder, Andrew!

NFT Launch We are launching our first NFT on Our first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) will include hi-res digital artwork of our beloved Doji, a video explaining the first batch of Dogebeans coffee and how it was roasted. As a bonus to having the NFT, you can redeem this token for a free coffee subscription to Dogebeans for 1 year! Check it out on Once the bidding is done, all of our coffee will be able to purchase in the shop