One of the greatest things about the Dogecoin community is the mission to Do Only Good Everyday. Spreading positivity and hope is what brings us together, and Dogebeans is committed to this mission. Here are the current steps we are taking and what is coming:

Our Commitment to Fair Trade Coffee Practices

Dogebeans is fully commited to the ethical sourcing of green coffees from around the world prior to roasting. The unique flavors of specialty coffee are most dependent on the farmers who grow, pick and process them. We believe that farmers should be paid what they’re worth, and that is why we are in the process of certification with Fair Trade USA for the coffees we sell.

Our Commitment to Charity and Non-Profit work

We are designating a portion of our profits to charities and non profits. Stay tuned on this page for a list of the organizations we support. If you own a non profit organization and would like to inquire about donations, please reach out to us using our contact page .

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